Winning Your Waterloo


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Strategies to Retrain the Brain
Understanding the addicted brain is empowering. In this module, you will study the different sexual templates that have been the driving forces behind your unwanted sexual struggles. You will discover the connections between your darkest fantasies and your deepest needs. Furthermore, you will be given powerful principles on how to permanently avoid relapse. Over the next few weeks, Dr. Weiss will give you the tools to help you reclaim victory over the Waterloo of your mind.
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Empowering Strategies and Tools

  • Analyze the sexual templates that have contributed to your addiction and discover how to rewire them for sexual wholeness.
  • Demolish strongholds in your life by dismantling the lies you've attached to your sexual experiences through the Meaning Template.
  • Prepare proactively for battle and avoid relapse by learning the right course of action to take should you relapse.
  • Safeguard your wife from a relapse and handle her heart with care through strategic methods.
  • Benefit from a Q&A section with real Warpath men, gaining insight into their journeys and receiving guidance from Dr. Weiss.
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Break the Cycle of Shame

Do you stuck in a never-ending cycle of relapse and shame? Winning Your Waterloo provides empowering strategies and tools to help you overcome your struggles and reclaim victory over your mind.

Dr. Weiss delves deep into the neurochemistry of addiction, helping you understand the root causes behind your sexual struggles. You'll explore the different sexual templates that have shaped your desires, triggers, and relationships, and learn how to rewire them for sexual wholeness. Through a series of powerful lessons, you'll be given the tools to permanently avoid relapse and create a new meaning template that is honoring, and pleasing to God.

You will confront your deepest needs and darkest fantasies, learning to use your experiences as a tool for self-revelation.You'll discover how to handle the heart of your wife with care and safeguard your relationship from a relapse. Plus, the Q&A section provides an opportunity for you to learn from real Warpath men, gaining insight into their journeys and receiving guidance from Dr. Weiss himself.

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“Soul Refiner is a prayer request come true for our church! The entire platform encompasses support for all those of affected by the deleterious effects of sexual immorality in the church community.”
Lin Wells
Lin Wells
Men’s Pastor, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills
“I use Soul Refiner in my counseling ministry. 90% of the men that come into my office for marital issues realizes that the root of the problem is pornography... We're truly seeing marriages restored!”
Dr. Joseph Wasmond
Dr. Joseph Wasmond
Living Legacy International
“That freedom, I wouldn't exchange it for anything. It's what God has for me for the rest of my life.”
James Craft
James Craft
Founder, Life-Unplugged

Lesson Overview

Winning Your Waterloo contains 5 episodes, each with about 30 minutes of powerful and practical teaching

Winning your Waterloo
21 min
Dr. Weiss will introduce you to the arousal template to help you make better sense of your sex addiction story. You will discover a part of your brain that wired you for sexual brokenness: what dictated your sexual preferences, triggers, and the type of relationships that you pursued. You’ll be given tools to rewire your template for sexual wholeness. This lesson can be a real game changer for many men.
The Voice Template
21 min
The voice template, aka the fantasy template, has been one of the driving forces behind your unwanted sexual struggles. It’s the seductive voice of lust that was embedded in your brain through repeated sexual exposure and experience. But in this lesson, you’ll learn how these fantasies can serve as a tool for self revelation. You’ll discover the connections between your sexual fantasies and your deepest unmet needs.
Dismantling the Lies
17 min
Dr. Weiss will introduce you to the Meaning Template. You’ll discover how you attached meaning to the sexual experiences of your past and how those meanings perpetuated your addiction. This is a week of tearing down strongholds. You will learn how to create a new meaning template that is honoring, and pleasing to God, your wife, yourself and the women that you had been objectifying.
Relapse Ready, Part 1
17 min
Any man can become subject to relapse but, in Warpath, you will learn proactive strategies that will prepare you for the battle. You’ll learn that relapse doesn’t need to happen, but it all comes down to preparation and proactivity. Find out how to prepare ahead but also the right course of action to take should you relapse.
Relapse Ready, Part 2
19 min
God didn’t create us to be bystanders, but fighting men - ready for battle. This lesson will remind who you’re fighting for. Your wife was the greatest casualty in your battle. You can’t afford to hurt her again with a relapse. Learn how to safeguard your wife from a relapse but also how to handle her heart if you fall. This lesson has a Q&A section where real Warpath men pose their questions.

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