Rebuilding Ground Zero


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Moving Into Authentic Marriage
In the next few weeks, you’ll be trained to rewire your tendency to be “Me” focused to becoming “We” focused. This module is designed to teach you emotional literacy so you can learn to maturely handle your - and your wife’s - emotions like a real warrior of Christ. You’ll be given the building blocks needed to rebuild your ground zero so you can move into an authentic marriage and experience the fruits of healing. Dr. Weiss will give you proven disciplines to develop emotional fitness so you can restore your wife’s trust and be the hero she deserves.
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Transform Your Marriage

  • Rebuild the ground zero of your marriage, brick by brick, with proven disciplines and principles.
  • Discover the blueprint for an authentic marriage, with vulnerability, humility, and a focus on ‘We’ instead of ‘Me’.
  • Win at empathy by becoming a better listener, feeling your feelings, and becoming your wife's number one source of support.
  • Understand the various types of empathy, gain emotional literacy, and intentionally minister to your wife's needs.
  • Accelerate your emotional growth and move towards an authentic and better marriage than before, with the power of healing and trust.
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Become the hero your wife deserves

Rebuilding Ground Zero is not a quick fix or a band-aid solution, but rather a deep dive into your emotional fitness and how it impacts your relationship with your wife. Led by Dr. Doug Weiss, a seasoned therapist and counselor, this course will provide you with the building blocks needed to transform your marriage and become the warrior husband that your wife deserves.

You will be challenged to rewire your focus from ‘Me’ to ‘We’ and learn emotional literacy to maturely handle your and your wife's emotions. You will learn about the power of vulnerability, humility, and empathy, as well as how to minister to your wife's needs intentionally. With the principles and disciplines provided in this course, you can develop emotional resilience and manage your emotions to become the risen knight your wife has been praying for.

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“Soul Refiner is a prayer request come true for our church! The entire platform encompasses support for all those of affected by the deleterious effects of sexual immorality in the church community.”
Lin Wells
Lin Wells
Men’s Pastor, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills
“I use Soul Refiner in my counseling ministry. 90% of the men that come into my office for marital issues realizes that the root of the problem is pornography... We're truly seeing marriages restored!”
Dr. Joseph Wasmond
Dr. Joseph Wasmond
Living Legacy International
“That freedom, I wouldn't exchange it for anything. It's what God has for me for the rest of my life.”
James Craft
James Craft
Founder, Life-Unplugged

Lesson Overview

Rebuilding Ground Zero contains 5 episodes, each with about 30 minutes of powerful and practical teaching

Rebuilding Ground Zero
24 min
Learn how to rebuild the ground zero of your marriage - one structure at a time. In this lesson, you’ll gain a better understanding of your new reality and learn to empathize with your “Princess Warrior,” the new role your wife acquired when you dropped your sword. Regardless of what was lost in the fire of betrayal, you will discover that you can move towards an authentic and better marriage than you did before.
Authentic Marriage
21 min
In this lesson, Dr. Weiss lays out the blueprint for an authentic marriage. You’ll discover the power of vulnerability and humility; learn about the three types of recoveries that are key to rebuilding your marriage; and that “happily even after” is possible.
Winning at Empathy
20 min
This week you will be reminded that hiding and medicating secrets will only stunt your growth. You will learn the steps to become a better listener; how to allow yourself to feel your feelings instead of just speaking them; and how to become your wife’s number one source for empathy. Dr. Weiss will also introduce you to a few irrefutable principles that will help develop the fruits of the Spirit in your life.
Three Types of Empathy
23 min
In this lesson, you’ll discover various types of empathy. You will gain emotional literacy; learn to identify the needs of your wife; and intentionally minister to her needs. This lesson will accelerate your emotional growth by teaching you how to understand and validate your wife’s feelings. You’ll learn how to move from a “Me” to a “We” kind of marriage that God has always intended for you
Emotional Fitness
22 min
When you’re emotionally fit you can walk in the Spirit; you can manage your emotions and not be controlled by them. In this lesson, Dr. Weiss will introduce you to the “Emotional Grid” which will lay out the disciplines and principles you need to develop emotional resilience. This lesson takes a holistic approach to help you become the warrior husband - the “risen knight” - your wife has been praying for.

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