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How to Revive a Loveless, Sexless Marriage
Host, Dr. Doug Weiss, is a renowned Christian sex therapist, speaker, and author who coined the term ‘Intimacy Anorexia’ to describe a pattern of withholding intimacy that silently destroys marriages, affecting millions of couples. For decades, he has helped couples successfully heal from the pain of emotional and sexual divorce. Stronger Together is an original cinematic series that delves into this stealthy epidemic of Intimacy Anorexia. This intensive class is designed to help couples begin their healing journey towards lifelong intimacy.
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Becoming Stronger Together

  • Discover areas of disconnect to apply powerful healing tools to those areas.
  • Learn to connect emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
  • Master simple steps to build trust and honest communication.
  • Get the keys to lifelong sexual healing and intimacy.
  • Create your blueprint for authentic marriage.
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Rediscover Lifelong Intimacy

Intimacy Anorexia can silently kill marriages, leaving both partners feeling emotionally and sexually disconnected. However, with the right guidance and tools, it is possible to heal and experience the deep connection and intimacy that every marriage deserves.

Stronger Together, led by renowned Christian sex-therapist and author, Dr. Doug Weiss, is an immersive cinematic series designed to help couples break free from the cycle of Intimacy Anorexia and rediscover lifelong intimacy. Through this series, couples will learn how to identify areas of disconnect, apply healing tools, connect emotionally, spiritually and physically, build trust, and communicate honestly.

With Dr. Weiss's guidance, couples will gain the keys to lifelong sexual healing and intimacy, and create a blueprint for an authentic, fulfilling marriage. The transformative power of this content has helped countless couples to heal from the pain of emotional and sexual divorce and begin their journey towards lasting intimacy.

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“Soul Refiner is a prayer request come true for our church! The entire platform encompasses support for all those of affected by the deleterious effects of sexual immorality in the church community.”
Lin Wells
Lin Wells
Men’s Pastor, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills
“I use Soul Refiner in my counseling ministry. 90% of the men that come into my office for marital issues realizes that the root of the problem is pornography... We're truly seeing marriages restored!”
Dr. Joseph Wasmond
Dr. Joseph Wasmond
Living Legacy International
“That freedom, I wouldn't exchange it for anything. It's what God has for me for the rest of my life.”
James Craft
James Craft
Founder, Life-Unplugged

Lesson Overview

Stronger Together contains 5 episodes, each with about 30 minutes of powerful and practical teaching

Defining the Great Divide
26 min
Do you find yourself in a marriage lacking intimacy and love? In this episode, Dr. Doug Weiss explains the dynamics of intimacy anorexia and its destructive impact on a marriage. Through raw stories from Christian couples, you will learn how to dismantle intimacy anorexia's dominance over your marriage and take the first step towards a transformative healing journey.
A Tree and Its Fruits
26 min
Using the powerful biblical analogy of "fruit," Dr. Doug Weiss sheds light on the causes and characteristics of intimacy anorexia. This episode introduces new paradigms and principles to help you intentionally sow the seeds of love and intimacy in your marriage. By doing so, you can overcome the destructive effects of intimacy anorexia and strengthen the foundation of your marriage.
The Sin of Withholding
25 min
Why would someone withhold love from their partner? In this lesson, Dr. Weiss explores the internal struggles and spiritual implications of withholding love. By understanding the how, why, and what of this destructive behavior, you can learn to navigate chronic rejection and its impact on the hurting spouse.
Road to Recovery Pt. 1
30 min
This practical lesson teaches the importance of healthy boundaries for both the spouse and the one struggling with intimacy anorexia. By revisiting your vows, taking stock of the present, and planning for the future, you can start following proven disciplines towards recovery.
Road to Recovery Pt. 2
26 min
This empowering episode focuses on helping the disconnected spouse acquire empathy for their partner and move towards a "we" mindset. By learning practical and spiritual principles, you can renew your mind and change the DNA of your marriage with the help of God's gift: Neuroplasticity.

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